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Maddie just won't go out and play

Species: cat | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 18 April 2007 03:38PM | viewed 5314 times
Q Helen asks:

Hi. I got Maddie when she was 12 weeks old she had been hand reared as her mother had been killed by a car. She is now nearly 2 and the problem is she won't leave my side or go out and play or explore like normal cats. Our back garden backs on to countryside and fields with long grass and a pond, perfect for cats. But she just will not leave my side of the boundaries of our back garden, she sleeps all day and just looks fed up I play with her as much as possible but I just wish she would go out an explore. Do you have an suggestions on what I can do or why she is like this. thanks

Q Our vet says: The reason she is behaving in this way may be due to her being hand reared and perhaps having no feline role model to teach her how to behave like a cat. I think this may be something which needs quite involved behavioural help so I suggest you consult a behaviourist in your local area.

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