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Spayed cat in season

Species: cat | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 12 April 2007 07:54PM | viewed 4752 times
Q Michelle asks:

I have a cat and she is 17 months old. She was spayed when she was 5 and a half months old, however in December she came into season and had to have a hormone injection at the vet to stop it. They also did a blood test to check for ovarian tissue which came back as negative. She is now coming back into season again and is booked in to have another hormone injection Saturday. I am just wondering what other possible causes of this could be as a spayed cat should not come into heat and what I can maybe do to help as I don't like having to keep taking my cat to the vet for these injections (the cat isn't too keen either!) and I am interested as to what else may be the reason for this as my vet isn't particularly helpful and hasn't explained anything properly. My cat is otherwise healthy and seems happy (when she is not in season!) Thank you.

Q Our vet says: I'm as confused as you are I am afraid! It is quite a routine procedure to spay a cat and usually goes well. The test for retained ovarian tissue you say was negative, which would most likely suggest that the spay was completed normally. I don't really know what else could be causing this but will do a bit of reading for you on the subject and will get back to you if I find anything helpful.

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