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this is a strange question

Species: cat | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 9 March 2007 08:51PM | viewed 4660 times
Q Lynne asks:

Hi, I have a beautiful main coon male cat, he is 6 years old and he kind of believes that he is a dog. He has always been attached to me, but this morning was very strange, he comes and wakes me up every morning by butting me with his head, this morning when he did that I told him to wait a few minutes, so he jumped on the bed, and I rolled over onto my stomach, when my husband reached over me with his arm a.j. pushed him away with his head and then climbed on my back and lay fully stretched out on my back. I find this strange because he is not a lap cat. Why do you think he did this?

Q Our vet says: I am not sure why he would do this at this particular time if he has not done it before. However it does sound as if he is very closely bonded to you and perhaps does not feel he wants to "share" your time and attention with your husband when usually it might be a time he expects attention himself (and perhaps this morning it was not forthcoming as your cat was used to?) I would not worry too much about it unless this behaviour is a problem for you or your husband- if it is you might want to try your husband feeding and being the main carer for a while so that your cat can build up a close relationship with him too. If your cat's behaviour ever seems to become a real problem you could consider getting in touch with a pet behaviour counsellor.

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