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Blood in Poo

Species: cat | Category: general | Submitted: 28 October 2007 09:49PM | viewed 13056 times
Q Mandy asks:

Treacle is now 9 wks old and had her first vaccination two days ago. I have noticed that at least once a day she has a small amount of fresh bright red blood in her poo. Her poo isn't hard so I don't think that she is constipated at all, it is quite soft really. I am feeding her Whiskas kitten food meat pouches and adding to that whiskas kitten dried food, (half & half). Please can you advise what I should do next as this is quite worrying & I am not sure whether I should take her back to the vet. He did check her over when she had her first jab and he said that she was fine & healthy. Thank-you & kind regards Mandy

Q Our vet says: You should take your kitten back to the vet; it sounds as if there could be a slight gastrointestinal problem. This type of problem is quite common in young animals and often not detectable unless you happen to see the faeces (which most vets don't get to see at the vaccination visit!). It can also develop quite quickly and may not have been present at all when you first saw the vet. Usually kittens with this type of problem do very well with no long term issues, but do take your kitten to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment as necessary.

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