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Cat Dribbling (A Lot)

Species: cat | Category: general | Submitted: 22 September 2007 12:29PM | viewed 5189 times
Q Steve asks:

I have noticed today that everywhere my cat has been sitting is a damp patch. He is dribbling all the time at the moment and hasn't eaten properly this morning. This has only started happening since yesterday evening.

Q Our vet says: It could be many things including painful teeth, a foreign body stuck in the mouth, an oral tumour or irritation of the mouth caused by some substance your cat has come into contact with. I know that some users of this website are from foreign countries (this is a UK site and I am a UK vet) if you are from a country where rabies is a possibility this should be considered too; you should take great care and not handle your cat until rabies has been completely ruled out. I would suggest you contact your local vet for a proper diagnosis to be made.

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