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My kitten won't eat

Species: cat | Category: general | Submitted: 1 June 2009 10:00PM | viewed 54524 times
Q Jade asks about blackjack (cat - not known, M) :

I have a 9 week old kitten but he is not eating his food. He eats his cat biscuits and his milk but he won't eat any solid food. He will eat chicken, fish, prawns and things like that but not his normal food a cat is suppose to eat! I've tried everything now and don't know what to do. Can you help me please?

Q Our vet says: It sounds as though Blackjack has decided he likes the finer things in life! You must remember you may have 15 more years of cooking him chicken and prawns, so try to get him onto a complete diet as soon as you can. This is also less likely to upset his tummy as changing diets can do. We recommend Hills or Royal Canin and you can get complete food for each life-stage so you can be sure he is getting all the nutritional requirements he needs.
If at first he refuses to eat, don't give in and cook him something tasty or he will soon learn that leaving his proper
food means he gets special treats. Leave his food down for him for a while and he will probably eat it eventually. Do be sure that he does eat something though; some cats will refuse food for so long that they can become ill. Slowly decrease the amount of home cooked food and introduce more of the food you want him to eat. Over time he is likely to accept this.

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