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Old Age

Species: cat | Category: general | Submitted: 25 September 2007 03:01PM | viewed 5639 times
Q Tony asks:

My cat is now 15 years old. She seems to have completely lost control of her bladder and is wetting anywhere and everywhere. She is also lying around a lot, whereas she used to be an active outdoor cat. We have lost two cats in the past (one knocked down, one with throat cancer). I don't want to see this cat suffer any more (and also I'm finding it very difficult to clean up after her and get rid of the smell). I've thought carefully about it and would rather have her put down now, than let her go on. Would a vet do this if I ask?

Q Our vet says: Most vets will understand your situation completely and I think that under the circumstances you should not have a problem finding a vet who will put your cat to sleep. If by some chance you do find that your vet objects for some reason, and will not carry out the procedure themselves, they should be able to put you in touch with another vet who would be willing to go ahead.
You may find it easier if you discuss the situation on the phone before you go along to your practice. The nurse or receptionist will probably be able to let you know when the surgery is likely to be fairly quiet (perhaps at the beginning or the end of the day). It can be less distressing for both you and your cat if you go along when there are not too many other animals and people around.

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