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Soppy Cat

Species: cat | Category: general | Submitted: 13 September 2007 04:20PM | viewed 5083 times
Q Emma asks:

Unfortunately my cat was killed by a car last week. He was my baby. He was the soppiest thing in the world. In the near future I would like to get a kitten. If I go to a house to see some kittens, are there any signs to look out for to tell if they are going to be soppy cats?

Q Our vet says: Sorry to hear about your recent loss, your cat sounds as if he was lovely. Remember that he will always have a special place in your heart and you will never quite be able to replace him because he was a unique individual.

When looking for a new kitten you should always look for a healthy animal (never take a sickly one just because you feel sorry for it). Try to see the parents of the kitten, (although often the father may be unknown you should at least be able to see the mother). See how the mother cat reacts to you- does she seem "soppy" in the way you like? If so, her kittens may well have inherited this characteristic too.

Next pick out a kitten you think you may like and handle it gently for a while. Try to find a kitten which is reasonably confident since very shy animals require much more work and may never make good pets however hard you try. If you like the way the kitten interacts with you and you also like the mother, you are most likely to be able to form a good bond with your new pet.

Of course there is no guarantee that your new pet will be as "soppy" as your previous cat and obviously you will never be able to completely replace him, but hopefully you will be able to form another unique relationship with another unique individual in your new kitten. Good luck!

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