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Excessive drinking whilst on felimazole

Species: cat | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 7 November 2011 01:51PM | viewed 69618 times
Q Louise asks:

Cat drinking a lot of water My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in July. Currently he is being treated with felimazole, 2 5mg tablets a day. Recently I have noticed he seems to be drinking more water than he used to. I wondered if this was related to the thyroid tablets or if something else is going on. He has gained some weight on the treatment, he was 3.8kg before now he is about 4.7kg and he still loves his food. There is no vomiting or diahrreah. He is quieter than he used to be but I put this down to the tablets and his age. He is booked in at the vets for his thyroid check soon. Should I be worried about his drinking and could it be due to the felimazole?

Q Our vet says: When cats are drinking more than usual it should always be viewed a a cause for concern. Cats with hyperthyroidism can often develop other problems such as renal failure as time goes on. When you see your vet do speak to them about your cat's drinking, they will be able to assess him and perhaps will need to carry out blood tests to check how the thyroxine levels are doing and also to find out if there are any other problems which have developed since treatment started.
Do keep going with the Felimazole until you have spoken to your vet. It is most likely that treatment is going well but something else has developed or is now showing up as the hyperthyroidism is coming under control.

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