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Major worries with Midnight.

Species: cat | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 17 July 2009 02:02PM | viewed 80484 times
Q Alan asks about Midnight (cat - Common shorthair, M) :

My kitten (unfortunately I have forgotten its DOB) has had major issues. It started yesterday evening when he was in his bed. I went over to fuss it and I noticed a horrible, frothy drool. Just a few minutes after it started growling and meowing (as if in pain) and running in circles. He then proceeded to have a fit and started rolling on the floor twitching. He has vomited once and seems to be partially blind. His hearing has increased immensely and he heard me sneeze upstairs, making him go into another fit. It has not eaten anything and his mother also attempted to kill him (which is unlike her). His eyes are completely dilated and even picking him up and putting him near the light the pupil stays the same size. I linked up these symptoms to find poisoning. He may have gotten into the kitchen cupboard. I already know he will not survive for long and putting him to sleep seems my only option (I hate to see animals in pain), but is there anyway to make him feel better?

Q Our vet says: Your kitten needs urgent attention, call your vet and ask for an appointment. While you are waiting to see your vet keep your kitten quiet and warm.

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