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Skin, eye and lip problems in my cat

Species: cat | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 20 May 2009 07:35PM | viewed 120960 times
Q Clare asks about Piglet (cat) :

My cat Piglet is 3 years old. Since we got him 2 years ago he has suffered intermittently from a skin irritation whereby he chews and sucks his fur until he is left with raw weeping skin, and rodent ulcers on his upper lips, sometimes both at the same time. He has had a number of courses of steroids over the 2 years (injection and tablets) as well as antibiotics, and after an allergy test 3 months ago (which didn't pick up a food allergy but said he was allergic to house dust mites) he was put on a vet prescribed hypoallergenic diet. His ulcers have now come back with a vengeance, and he has started to chew his fur again. Now, his eyes have partially turned brown (whereas normally they are a vivid green), and I'm wondering if this is a sign of another problem. I actually recall his eyes changing colour last year too, but at the time I didn't think too much of it and it eventually disappeared (which could have been the result of one of his courses of medicine). I'm at my wits end, as I don't want to continue to give him steroids if I can avoid it, but I don't want him to suffer either. Can you suggest any alternative treatments that I could try for the skin and lip problems. Can you shed any light on what's causing the eye issue please?

Q Our vet says: Without actually being able to see your cat's eyes it is impossible to tell you exactly what could be wrong, but it does sound as though you should get your cat checked by your vet again. There is a condition called uveitis which could be causing the signs you have seen. This is basically an inflammation of the internal parts of the eye such as the iris (coloured part of the eye). This condition can potentially lead to further complications and is likely to be causing your cat discomfort even if he is not showing any signs of pain.
The skin problem may benefit from alternative or complementary therapies but exactly what to choose would be best advised by an holistic vet who is able to examine your cat. You could try Skoosh household spray to help with the house-dust mite problem.

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