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Species: cat | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 29 May 2012 09:33AM | viewed 227876 times
Q Carol asks about Max (cat) :

Max is a six year old neutered male cat who had to have a cut under his front leg stitched under anesthetic. He was fine and recovered OK with no infection in the wound and the stitches were removed after about a week. About a week after this I felt a small soft lump just past the end of the wound is seemed to spread and has now formed a mat of approx 3cm of small hard lumps under the skin. It does not seem to bother him but after two visits back to the vet and three vets looking at it they canít seem to decide what it is but suggest removal in case it is mammary cancer. I am reluctant to put him through another operation but I am afraid to leave it, does it sound like cancer?

Q Our vet says: That does sound as if surgery would be a sensible option.

Masses or lumps are virtually impossible to diagnose on palpation (by feel) alone. If you are to find out for sure what these masses are they will need to be removed (or at least part of the lump removed) to be sent to a laboratory to examine.

Vets can also offer to take a small sample with a fine needle which might be helpful. However in my experience a fine needle aspirate such as this often does not give a definite answer.

If this were my own cat I would certainly be taking a surgical approach.

I know it is a worry to have a pet under anaesthetic and undergoing surgery but often the benefits do outweigh the risks.

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