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my cat wont eat

Species: cat | Category: nutrition | Submitted: 22 January 2011 07:29PM | viewed 34812 times
Q Kirsty asks about lulu (cat - not known, F) :

i took my cat to the vets 2 weeks ago because she was being sick. They said she probably had a stomach bug and gave her 2 injections and gave me worming treatment to give her at home which I did. They also put her on a special diet for a few days. She has stopped being sick now but she is very skinny and is having trouble eating, I have tried giving her her favorite treat (tuna) but she wont eat it, and if she does she only eats a tiny bit. She is interested in food as she always comes and sniffs whatever I'm eating or I put down for her, but she is not eating it. I dont know what to do?

Q Our vet says: Sorry to hear about your cat. You should certainly take her back to see your vet again. If cats do not eat it is often a sign of an underlying problem. While you are waiting for an appointment with your vet you can try to tempt your cat with a variety of foods and you can also try warming the food up slightly (it should not be hot though!). Warming food brings the smell and flavour out which your cat may appreciate. You can also try hand feeding which can encourage many reluctant cats to eat. The most important thing is to get in contact with your vet as soon as possible and arrange to take your cat along for another consultation. I hope she gets better soon.

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