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upset stomach

Species: cat | Category: nutrition | Submitted: 2 April 2007 04:49PM | viewed 10458 times
Q Jane asks:

Snowy & Tootsie were spayed a couple of weeks ago, & I was told to feed them coley & chicken which I did, Snowy sometimes had a bit of runny tummy with certain foods, but with the fish & chicken it stopped & her poo went back to normal. I have put them back on their normal food & she has started having runny tummy again, what is causing this? thank you

Q Our vet says: Some cats have very sensitive stomachs and some foods will cause tummy upsets for them. Many pet foods are quite rich and also have additives /preservatives etc, which your cat may have a sensitivity towards. Chicken and coley are bland foods which seem to be tolerated well by many pets with dietary sensitivities. You could try a preparatory food for cats with this type of problem ( your vet will be able to recommend a suitable one) or you could continue to feed a home prepared diet as you have been doing. If you decide to stick to a home prepared diet then speak to your vet so that you can ensure that your cat receives all the vitamins and minerals she needs (she might need a vitamin/mineral supplement).

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