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Soft, really stinky poos!

Species: cat | Category: other | Submitted: 13 May 2009 06:38PM | viewed 49641 times
Q Shaun asks about Dandy (cat) :

My cat is now 14 years old and until recently he has been an outdoor cat. I have recently moved home into the city centre and he can no longer go outside, but he seems pretty happy in the flat with his litter tray. However, his poos are really stinky! To the extent that the smell wakes me up and I have to scoop them up and flush them down the loo! He doesn't seem at all put out, not sore or complaining at all, perfectly the same behaviour as when he was outdoors. Because he was outdoors before I don't know if this problem has always existed, or if this is a new problem but I'm not sure what to do to solve this problem. I've tried feeding him wet food and dried food between all the different major brands but nothing seems to help or change the outcome. Now, I didn't want to embarrass the wee man with a visit to the vet as there may be some supplement I can give him, so I am looking for your advice. So please, please, please help, for my nose as well as his bum! Thanks-!!

Q Our vet says: Unfortunately I also find cat faeces are extremely smelly, (even when completely normal). So long as there are no signs of diarrhoea, blood, mucus, worms or other abnormalities and your cat is not having problems when trying to pass the faeces this could be completely normal.

You could always take a sample of the faeces along to your local vet and ask them to take a look at it if you are concerned.

If the smell really gets to you, you could try using a hooded cat litter tray with a filter to help prevent nasty odours getting out such as our hooded litter tray. At least you might get a better night's sleep!

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