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soft stools in one kitten yet other kitten fine

Species: cat | Category: parasites | Submitted: 24 August 2010 02:47PM | viewed 32113 times
Q KT asks about Bluebell (cat - not known, F) :

Bluebell's brother, Marcel, seems to be healthy and eats dry kitten food provided, Bluebell on the other hand prefers softer food - we've given her tuna in spring water and yet still her stools are slightly soft and she seems physically smaller weaker than her brother. She's still full of life, quite vocal and seems clean, i.e. not noticed any tapeworm/ roundworm in the stools/ bedding. They both had fleas and when we first got them (at 8 weeks) we took them to the vets who gave them Frontline and said they were not badly infested - we've not noticed them scratching recently but given they have the same diet could it be tapeworm? They seem to young to treat with over-the-counter products as were born 14th June (are they as effective anyway?) - obviously worried about her and wondering would it not have affected him also as they play-fight a lot!

Q Our vet says: Female kittens are often smaller than their male counterparts and this often causes concern. If a female kitten is smaller than her brother it is not in itself something to worry about.

However, soft stools and needing to be tempted with food is suggestive of possible problems.

In general, it is a good idea to find a diet which is balanced and wholesome and then stick to it as far as possible. Often when kittens experience changes in their diet their stools can become loose so a consistent diet can help a great deal.

You should practice regular worming for both your kittens too. Roundworms are much more of a problem than tapeworms at this age and you will not often see any evidence of worms even if they have lots of them! Many products are effective for roundworms but it is important to get the dose correct for your kitten's weight.

It is worth getting your female kitten checked at your local vet and it may be useful if you take a fresh stool sample along with you when you go. The fact that your kitten is active and playful will hopefully mean there is nothing serious going on but at this young age they can rapidly deteriorate so do go along and get her checked.

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