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hair loss

Species: cat | Category: petcare | Submitted: 20 April 2007 10:22PM | viewed 15858 times
Q Lizzie asks:

My female cat Andretti has lost a lot of fur around her anus, under her belly and down sides. It feels stubby where normally she had a very soft coat. I cannot see any rash or sores and it worries me that she may be seriously ill. What do I do? Two of my male cats (they have all had the op), have also started pulling especially around the hind legs. Hawthorne does have some scabs. Is this an infection that has passed through all the cats? Are there any home treatments that I can try?

Q Our vet says: The most likely cause is for this is fleas so you could treat them all for fleas initially. Since it sounds as if they are uncomfortable with this you should take them to your vet who will be able to check them all for fleas for you and treat them for their itching if necessary.

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