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behaviour problem

Species: dog | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 15 March 2009 05:51PM | viewed 50876 times
Q Catherine asks about abbiegale (dog) :

i have an 15 year old Yorkie dog who is deaf but she has become naughty stealing food off the table, knocking kitchen bin over and standing in front of us weeing, without asking for out. She has stolen onions from my plate which was on the table. Please help.

Q Our vet says: First of all, I would advise you get your vet to check your dog to rule out any medical causes of her urinating indoors and the increased appetite. Once medical problems have been ruled out, you can treat the behaviour.

Urinating-Try to put her outside regularly, for example every 2 hours. When she urinates outside give her a treat and praise her. When she urinates indoors, do not show any reaction, just walk away. If you tell her off, she will learn that her behaviour is provoking a reaction from you and that she gets attention. Dogs don't mind if attention is positive or negative, its all the same to them!

Also use a biological cleaner (such as Totalcare-available from us) to clean up when she urinates indoors. Household detergents do not break down the bacteria in urine and the residue left behind smells of ammonia which encourages animals to use the same area.

Food Stealing-Again this could be an attention seeking behaviour. When she steals food in front of you, do not show any reaction, just walk away. This will teach her that stealing food does not get the attention she wants.Try to praise her and give her her treats at other times when she behaves appropriately. This will help her differentiate between behaviours which get her attention and those that don't.

Again, with the dustbin, if she knocks it over while you are there, ignore this behaviour, perhaps even walk out of the room. When you go out, leave the bin out of reach so as not to tempt her.

When treating attention seeking behaviour, dogs will generally try harder to get your attention at first. Persevere and ignore all unwanted behaviour and praise appropriate behaviour.

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