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Really strange behaviour after heat cycle

Species: dog | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 2 April 2007 04:26PM | viewed 4571 times
Q Destiny asks:

My dog Daisy, which is a Jack Russell Terrier, is almost 2 years old and she isn't fixed. She has gone in and out of heat twice. Around two months after both of her cycles, she acts really strange. She whines constantly and she acts as though she is searching for something. She sleeps in the bed with me and every night for the past week it has taken her nearly two hours to calm down. She brings all of her toys into the bed and surrounds herself with them as if they comfort her. She isn't eating like she usually does and she doesn't want to go outside. Its almost as if she is searching for a puppy she never had. Please help me figure this out. Thanks!

Q Our vet says: This sounds like she might be getting a false pregnancy. Her hormones at this time are possibly sending signals to her to suggest she should be nursing pups. If you gently check her mammary glands you might even find she has milk! This is not unusual in entire bitches. Your vet will be able to check her and let you know if this is indeed the problem; it can be treated fairly easily, but you might want to consider having her speyed if you do not wish to breed from her.

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