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Strange behaviour In dog

Species: dog | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 17 November 2011 07:42PM | viewed 211801 times
Q Alice asks about Stan (dog - French bulldog, M) :

My partner and myself left your dog for 2 weeks while on holiday with my partners mum. My dog had never been to her house as she moved to a new area and house that week. After being there for a week he started acting strange, scrunching his whole body and neck and shacking with his ears right back and every now and again a wimpy cry. We picking him up a week later and he was still doing this, he has been at home now for 4 days and he is still doing all of the above! We take him for his usual walk with a ball and my partner takes him to work everyday as usual. But no improvement. My partners mum took him to a vet near her who said it maybe pineing, is this correct and please advise us on how we can get him to overcome this as its not nice to watch.

Q Our vet says: Your dog probably felt worried while you were away. He was in a strange house that he did not know and was perhaps frightened by the whole experience.

You did the right thing to take him to your vet. If nothing medical was found you can assume that it is a behavioural problem.

The main thing is to help your dog feel secure again. If you can keep things quiet and predictable in your household for now that will help. Give your dog an area of his own so that he can "retreat" if he feels the need.

Help him to feel safer with the use of DAP either on a collar, diffuser or spray.

Keep in touch with your vet, just in case a medical problem is developing. You may also get some help from a local animal behaviourist if things do not improve.

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