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throwing up

Species: dog | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 15 March 2007 03:18PM | viewed 4511 times
Q Amy asks:

My boyfriend and I have two 3 or 4 year old pits... one of them for the past week has been eating then going into the woods and then throwing the food back up, burying it then coming back later and eating it again. It has been going on for the past few days should I be concerned?

Q Our vet says: It is possibly a behavioural issue. Are the two dogs feeding at the same time? There may be competition over food causing your dog to gulp down as much as possible and then "hide" it for later consumption. You could try feeding them separately and see if that rectifies the problem. If the vomiting continues or if your dog seems otherwise unwell seek a consultation with your vet to ensure there is no underlying health problem causing this.

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