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Anal secretion

Species: dog | Category: general | Submitted: 18 September 2007 06:17PM | viewed 5458 times
Q Kerrie asks:

When Willow sits on us, sometimes she leaves small, dark, wet patches on us which smell really bad. She is due her second season but it does not appear to be blood. We think it is probably coming from her anal glands. Why is this and do we need to get it looked at?

Q Our vet says: It does sound as if it could be her anal glands. These two glands are situated close to the anal ring and are designed to be emptied during the act of defecation. If for some reason the process of emptying them is inefficient (often due to soft stools), then the anal glands may become blocked and possibly leaky as you describe. It is a problem which should be addressed, since if left, the blocked anal glands can form abscesses and eventually rupture. There is also the slight concern that it could be something more serious such as a vaginal or uterine infection (which can be fatal) as well as other less common problems such as a rectal tumour etc. Please do take Willow along to your local vet for an accurate diagnosis and any appropriate treatment.

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On 24 July 2009 05:59AM Chris added the following:
hi my dog leo is more a les having same problam he seams to leek from his rectrum/bum but is all so bleeding now wen he gos for a number 2?

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