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dirty eating habit

Species: dog | Category: general | Submitted: 29 July 2007 12:30AM | viewed 5116 times
Q Carrie asks:

What would be the reason my nine month old yellow lab would eat her own poop? On occasion I catch her doing her business, turning around and eating it. We also have a cat, the dog does not bother with the litter box at all. How can I fix this eating problem?

Q Our vet says: This is not an unusual behaviour in dogs- they do not find it disgusting, but we usually do. The first thing to remember is that to a dog this is a reasonable behaviour and it may be difficult to correct. Have her checked by your vet to make sure that she does not seem to have any nutritional deficiencies or other medical problems- sometimes undigested material can be present in the faeces which makes it very palatable and likely to be eaten again! If there are no obvious reasons for the behaviour then the easiest way to stop it is to deny access to passed faeces by removing and disposing of them as soon as possible.

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