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Don't know what's wrong with my dog

Species: dog | Category: general | Submitted: 17 August 2007 09:40AM | viewed 5220 times
Q Gemma asks:

Hi, I have an (almost) 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Stanley who has had the runs for about 4 days now, I went out yesterday and when I came back he was shaking, he had done a poo in the kitchen so I thought he was shaking as he knew he'd done something wrong (he gets very worried, bless him) as he's had the runs I didn't tell him off and then I noticed he was walking very slowly and I thought maybe he had a sore tummy and that was why but within 2 hours he was struggling to walk on his back legs they kept falling underneath him and by yesterday evening he couldn't walk on them at all but by about 9 pm he was walking on them again, still not right though. This morning he's been running up and down the stairs and in the garden too but we can see he's still not himself. He keeps flicking his ears all the time as if they're irritating him. He's definitely not right, he's very quiet and just wants to lie with us all the time, I went to the toilet and he lay between my feet and then when I moved he followed me and did the same again. Do you have any idea what could be wrong with him? Thank you, Gemma. PS. I have added a picture of him yesterday just before his legs went.

Q Our vet says: You really should take Stanley along to your local vet since such signs could indicate that he is in pain or discomfort. It is impossible to make a diagnosis over the internet. This service is intended to let people know if it is appropriate to seek veterinary attention and in this case it definitely is. Go along to your local vet who will be able to examine Stanley and give him any help he needs.

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