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My dog has diarrhoea

Species: dog | Category: general | Submitted: 25 April 2009 09:16AM | viewed 4740 times
Q Michael asks:

My dog has had diarrhoea for 6 days now and does not seem to be improving. She seems fine in her general behaviour but I need advice on possible causes and remedies.

Q Our vet says: The most common cause of diarrhoea in dogs is what we vets call dietary indiscretion which basically means that a dog has eaten something which did not agree with them. Diarrhoea can also result from a change of diet even with the best quality foods. Of course there are other causes of diarrhoea and your dog may need veterinary attention to make a diagnosis and to treat. Initially (providing your dog is otherwise well) you can starve her for 24 hours (but give plenty of water- preferably containing Royal Canin Rehydration Support or similar product) then try giving a bland diet (for example Hills i/d ) for a few days together with a product such as Protexin to help with the diarrhoea. If your dog does not improve after a few days then you should take her to your local vet. I hope this helps.

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