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diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament

Species: dog | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 3 May 2007 03:53PM | viewed 6509 times
Q Douglas asks:

Henry has been diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament on a hind leg. He is 17 years old and our vet is not keen on any operation and said plenty of rest and no weight on his back leg. Is there anything we can do to make him more comfortable /help his condition, he may be 17 but still very active (well used to be). Many thanks douglas

Q Our vet says: Speak to your vet and find out about any alternative therapies which might help. Acupuncture can reduce pain in some situations and hydrotherapy if available in your area might help to keep him mobile without putting extra strain on his joints, physiotherapy might also benefit. Each animal is an individual and it may be that he would be stressed by one or all of these things (for example if he hates swimming hydrotherapy would do no good). These are all only suggestions to think about and you should discuss with your own vet whether they might benefit Henry.

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