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Blood in dog's stools

Species: dog | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 31 October 2007 08:53AM | viewed 13590 times
Q Lee asks:

Hi. We recently got a 3 year old Labrador from a friend. From what we can see she has a little weight problem as she was not walked regularly which we are now doing twice a day. As we have only had her for 4 days we have not had chance to take her to the vets to have her general health checked. On Monday she developed diarrhoea which we read is usual if exercise is increased. But then last night Coco had very noticeably lines of blood running through her stools. She is drinking water constantly but is not off her food and is still quite playful. This is our first dog and we are really concerned as to if she needs a vets attention straight away. Please could you advise us. Many thanks

Q Our vet says: Yes, Coco should be taken to the vet. Although the signs of fresh blood in stools with diarrhoea is common in dogs it should still be taken seriously, especially as you say "she is drinking water constantly".

One of the most likely causes of this type of problem is colitis which usually responds very well to treatment and often a bland diet for a few days/ weeks.

Sometimes dogs can be quite sensitive to any change in their environment and usual diet, and Coco has probably been a little stressed recently with all the changes to her lifestyle. It will probably help her settle if you can ensure that her routine is as regular and predictable as possible (at least for the first few weeks). A DAP diffuser may well help too- (this calms and helps to reduce stress in dogs).

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