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Lumps on eyelid

Species: dog | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 4 May 2009 07:34PM | viewed 4438 times
Q Shell asks about Jagger (dog - not known, M) :

Jagger is around 11 years old. He's had some lumps on his eyelids that started appearing around August last year (2008). I was told that his tear ducts where becoming clogged for some reason, probably just infection and he was given an antibiotic and they went away. They came back again early this year and when I went to the same vet office a different vet said that he (Jag) would need an operation, maybe two, before even really looking at the lumps. When I said he was given an oral medication before and they went away he said there was no record of it and insisted that I come back the next Monday for a surgical consultation. I don't believe he needs surgery and would prefer that medication be given rather than surgery since it is his eyelid. He has ripped a lump off during a bus ride but didn't seem to even notice. It bled a bit but I've been giving him vitamin E capsules to help it heal. The lumps seem to be coming back. Again he doesn't seem bothered until they get sort of big. Is there an herbal medication or maybe an over the counter medicine I can give him to keep these little bumps down? Many thanks. ShellJag

Q Our vet says: Without being able to see Jagger's eyes in person it is difficult to be sure what you are describing, but perhaps these lumps are meibomian cysts. These cysts occur when the ducts get blocked for some reason. You can try gently cleaning the eyes with warm water but sometimes these cysts need medical or surgical treatment. A well known homeopathic remedy for the eyes is Euphrasia which you may wish to try. If you would like to think about herbal treatments you may like to know about It is possible to have a herbal consultation over the phone by appointment.
Do speak to your own vets about your concerns and ask for a referral to a holistic vet if you would like to explore alternative options.

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