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skin problem and effect of medication

Species: dog | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 6 August 2007 06:20PM | viewed 6001 times
Q Marion asks:

My dog has been diagnosed with eczema, there is a large clump of dried sticky hair and the vet put him on tablets, they are pink in colour but can't read the name. He was also put on prednoleucotropin as his back knees keep dislocating, this has all happened in the space of 3 weeks. I have noticed he is drinking an awful lot of water and panting a lot, it is really worrying me, his appetite has increased, his bowel movements are very runny too and I would like to know if this is another underlying problem or if it could be as a result of the tablets. I have stopped the prednoleucotropin on vets advice but the problem still continued. I would also like to know if an operation is advisable for his knees?

Q Our vet says: All these questions should really be directed to your own vet. It is impossible for anyone who does not know your dog and is unable to examine him to answer your queries. It is really important that you talk to your vet about all of this. Usually vets are happy to answer some questions over the phone but it may be necessary to book an appointment to get your dog seen- I hope all turns out well and I am sorry I can't give more help.

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