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Upset tummy maybe or poison

Species: dog | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 1 October 2007 08:43PM | viewed 6024 times
Q Danny asks:

Hi there Last week I found Lewy in our garden hacking up (not sick), just the noise. After checking his throat both internally ( as far as I could go), and feeling externally, there did not seem to be anything trapped etc. The next day I went down to him in the morning and found that he had been not exactly sick but more a phlegm that was as dark as mud. I just put it down to him eating mud-!!. Over the week end he seems to go and hide and not really be himself, but as soon as we go walking he is fine and there seems to be no problem. His nose is dry with a little mucus coming out of each nostril. He has also started to constantly lick his front paws and the hair on them looks like he has just spiked them with gel... Also when he brings the ball back out on walks, there seems to be more excess saliva on the ball than usual. My wife and I have recently moved house (July), and he has taken a liking for some of the plants in the garden, They are Jasmine, Poppy and Mint. Could he be having a reaction to these and should I pull them out? He still has his appetite. Best Regards a Concerned Danny

Q Our vet says: I am sorry to hear about your dog, these types of signs may be caused by a number of conditions and it would be worth getting him checked by your local vet. There is some anecdotal evidence I have come across for jasmine plants to be a problem for dogs, although I have never seen a case where this has been an identified problem myself. It may be better to prevent access to the plants if you can, since any plant could possibly cause an allergic reaction in an individual dog. I hope this helps.

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