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bald spots

Species: dog | Category: other | Submitted: 31 May 2007 04:15PM | viewed 6731 times
Q Janie asks:

I have an all black pug who is almost 2 years old. She was spayed on 5-17-07 and everything went great and she is back to her normal naughty self. But 3 days ago I gave her a bath and noticed that when I rubbed my hand down her back my hand was covered in her fur and she also has 3 small bald spots on her back the size of dimes. She hasn't been itching or anything and the spots aren't flaky or red. My husband thinks its just her loosing her puppy coat, shedding for summer or maybe even stress from being at the vet getting fixed. What is your opinion on this?

Q Our vet says: Your husband could be right and it could be any one of those things. It could also be due to hormonal changes following the spay. Hormones can affect the hair growth cycle- (this is often seen in humans where some pregnant women have wonderful thick hair and then it falls out alarmingly once the baby is born!) if this is the case it will probably be temporary. If it does not seem to get any better soon (you should start to see new hair growth beginning in the bald spots) or appears to get worse take her along to your vet. I hope this helps but please remember that there are many possible causes for baldness and obviously it is impossible to diagnose over the internet, if in any doubt always contact your local vet.

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