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blood in urine

Species: dog | Category: other | Submitted: 1 April 2007 01:49AM | viewed 4543 times
Q Jody asks:

I just noticed she had small amount of blood (droplets) in her urine when she had accident in house. Can I wait till Monday to call vet in morning? She's 12 years old and is very special to us. My husband says we can wait but I don't want to hurt her by not doing what I should.

Q Our vet says: Whether this can wait or not depends on how she seems otherwise. Is she lethargic, off her food, depressed, vomiting, drinking more or less than normal? Is she in pain or having difficulty with passing urine or faeces? If the answer to any of this is yes, you should seek attention sooner than later. However, even if she is perfectly well otherwise at the moment, things can very quickly change, so be careful if you leave her and keep a close eye on her. My advice would be to go to the vet today, but I know it is difficult on a Sunday. Perhaps you could ring your local emergency service and speak to them about it. Most vets are happy to give telephone advice if you do not think it necessary to see them yet; but if you do need to see them later at least they would know about you.

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