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Dogs abroad

Species: dog | Category: other | Submitted: 7 May 2009 02:34PM | viewed 62344 times
Q Rachel asks about Honey (dog - Labrador, F) :

My dog Honey, a 5 year old labrador, was diagnosed by our vet in 2007 with mild insulinoma. After several fits and much concern we took her to the vet, who suggested they test her blood etc. The treatment they recommended, as it was mild, was to feed her 3-4 regular small meals per day to control the condition and give her a steady flow of energy. This has worked extremely well and we haven't had any problems in over a year. My fiance and I recently got engaged, and as he's from the USA, we plan to marry and live together over there. However, I'm not prepared to leave my Honey behind and need to know whether it would be possible to bring her with us. I have tried speaking to my vet about it and he didn't really seem interested in offering advice. He only suggested that maybe, due to her condition, she could have a steroid injection to help her last the 8+ hour flight without food. I have since contacted various pet shipping companies who all say, its no problem for her to travel but have not given me any advice as to her condition. I also believe (but don't know for sure) that she may be developing hip dysplasia - she limps on one of her hind paws occasionally -particularly after exercising or getting up from lying down. We are visiting the vet about this soon, so will get some advise about this as well. So, please advise whether this move to the USA would be possible or whether her health problems would restrict her flying entirely. Thank you!

Q Our vet says: It is difficult to know how any pet will react to a long flight and obviously Honey has some problems which are cause for concern. If your vet and the travel companies are happy to let her travel then that is a good sign. The main issues for her during a flight are likely to be stress, lack of frequent food and perhaps discomfort from her joints. If your vet suggests a steroid injection prior to the flight this would probably help. You could also use DAP spray in her carrier to help reduce stress. Try to get her used to going in to it before the actual flight. Feed her in it (or around it if she is wary) for a few days or even weeks before the journey so that it becomes a "nice" place to be. Ensure that she has comfortable warm bedding that will absorb any wetness from urine etc. Investigate whether it will be possible and practical to let her travel with an automatic pet feeder (available online). This would allow some timed meals to be given automatically during the flight. I do hope that this helps and it all goes well for you.

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