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Loss of weight

Species: dog | Category: other | Submitted: 14 June 2009 06:04PM | viewed 51609 times
Q Darren asks:

I have a 8 year old labrador who was struggling to urinate, after a visit to my vet he thought the problem was his prostate and so he was castrated 10 days ago. Since the operation he has not eaten anything at all, he drinks water, but thats it. Symptoms are as follows, He urinates lots, sometimes with a sign of blood, he has just started vomiting, he has what look like tears coming from his eyes, and he has lost about 40lbs of his body weight. Have tried him with all manners of food, milk, yogurt, rice, chicken, sausages but with no results at all. Oh, and he seems to dribble a lot. Starting to get really worried as he is not himself. Many thanks, Darren

Q Our vet says: Please let your vet know what is going on. It sounds as if your dog needs attention.

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