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Species: dog | Category: other | Submitted: 28 February 2011 06:20PM | viewed 45590 times
Q Della asks:

Hi my poor old 13yr old border collie had a stroke on friday.The vet came and said she would recover and prescribed steroids.We treated her for 24hrs but seeing her not moving ,eyes flickering from side to side,not eating or going for her wets,even tho we carried her out was heartbreaking!So we had her put to sleep.I am wracked with pain and guilt cos i had her put down cos i could'nt stand the pain of seeing her like that and was depressed cos even if she got better i would constantly worry!I just want to know honestly how would her life have been had she recovered?Did i rob her of the last few yrs?I can take the truth as its done now but i have another dog and dont want to make same mistake!Was it cruel and unnessecery to put her to sleep? Please help! Kind regards, della.

Q Our vet says: I am sorry to hear your dog had a stroke. Just like in people these events can vary in severity from one dog to another. Often when this occurs the dog can go on to make a full recovery, but I would be very concerned if a dog was unable to move around for 24 hours or longer.

Personally, I think you did exactly the right thing. Firstly you gave the treatment a chance to work, but when your dog did not respond as we would normally hope, you then made the very brave decision not to let her suffer.

Do not feel guilty; you must have given her years of a good life and then after trying everything possible to save her, you allowed her a peaceful and dignified end.

Remember all the good times you had with her and try not to dwell too much on the difficult decision you had to make at the end. In my opinion you did exactly the right thing and at the right time.

Best wishes


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