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Species: dog | Category: other | Submitted: 22 March 2007 09:23AM | viewed 4578 times
Q Deepak asks:

Dear Doc, I am from India. I have a female rottweilier that was mated on 23rd and 24th of January 2007. This was her first mating. She gave birth to a puppy on 18th March night and to another on 19th morning which was a week advance from her due date. Unfortunately both the pups did not survive. When I got her checked by the vet he said there are more pups inside her. Now she is eating happily and is quite active. Can you please tell me is it normal or there is any problem with her or the other pups will be born on their scheduled time. Your help will greatly help me. Rgds, Deepak

Q Our vet says: Pregnancy and birth are always risky and there are never any guarantees. It is obviously impossible to make any accurate predictions about what will happen but I would personally assume that any remaining pups- if alive- are at very high risk; however your own vet will be able to tell you more as they are able to physically examine her. No vet could tell you for sure if the pups will make it or not. Even in human medicine it is impossible to guarantee the outcome of any pregnancy. Keep in close contact with your vet. Watch for any vaginal discharge, especially if it looks greenish brown, smelly or bloody. If your bitch seems to be unwell in any way take her immediately to your vet. I wish you and Snoopy the very best of luck for a good outcome- let me know what happens!

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