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White lump found on back of neck

Species: dog | Category: parasites | Submitted: 6 May 2009 08:13PM | viewed 22931 times
Q Amy asks about max (dog) :

I have found a lump on the back of my dog's neck. (He is an 11 year old border collie). It is white-grey in colour and is bean shaped. It is not scaly, but looks smooth. I have only noticed this tonight. I would say it is just over nearly 1cm long and about 0.5cm wide. Where the lump meets the skin there is a brownish mark. I am not sure if this is dried blood or if it has come from the lump. His skin is also a little pink in the area of the lump. Can anyone give me any more information on this?

Q Our vet says: This looks like a tick from the photograph. However it is easy to mistake some other lumps such as warts for ticks so you should take your dog along to your local practice where the vet can take a look and remove the tick if necessary. Ticks can carry diseases (e.g. Lymes disease) so they should be removed as soon as possible once found and your dog should be treated with a product such as Frontline to help prevent recurrence.

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