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laying down

Species: dog | Category: petcare | Submitted: 21 March 2007 09:37PM | viewed 11608 times
Q Caroline asks:

Wharen my dog lays down it looks like he is fitting but did not seem too bother him at all, but I don't like the look of it can you help?

Q Our vet says: If your dog seems to be fitting he probably is! Most people seem to be very good at recognising a fit when they see it, so you should trust your instincts on this. Even though your dog seems to be unaffected by the fits at the moment you should take him along to your vet to be checked. Sometimes there is a straightforward medical reason for the fits, however it can occasionally be difficult to make a diagnosis straight away. Help your vet to work out why he is having fits by keeping a record of all the fits he has. Include the date, time and duration of the fit as well as noting down what was going on just before and afterwards if you can. This might help your vet to treat your dog too, because it will be apparent from such a record if any medication is helping the fits.

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