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Species: equine | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 10 June 2010 08:43PM | viewed 19706 times
Q Jackie Taylor asks:

My horse has chronic founder laminitis. X-rays have shown a small amount of rotation of the pedal bones in her front feet. A vet is suggested putting her under general anaesthetic on her back on my lawn to trim and apply remedial shoes. I have never heard of a horse being shod in this way. Is this a recognised procedure? Many Thanks Jackie.

Q Our vet says: Remedial shoes are very commonly used to treat laminitis and they will need to be applied correctly. The most appropriate treatment for laminitis is chosen for the particular animal on an individual basis taking into account factors such as the degree of rotation of the pedal bone.

In all species, general anaesthesia is used to facilitate pain free procedures and to provide control of movement. Adequate analgesia (pain relief) and control of patients is necessary for the safety of all concerned including the patient themselves. It also allows the veterinary surgeon to give their full attention to the procedure being carried out.

If your vet has suggested general anaesthesia there will be very good reasons for this. Your vet will understand that you have concerns regarding the procedure to be carried out on your horse and I am sure they will be pleased to answer any further questions prior to the procedure being carried out.

I hope it all goes well for your horse.

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