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Frisky guinea pig

Species: guinea pig | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 5 May 2009 10:45PM | viewed 6330 times
Q Lori asks about dapplegalaxyandpepsi (guineapig) :

I have 3 baby guinea pigs but one of them will not leave another one alone. He keeps trying to mount him. I know that this means dominance but it is making him really sad and depressed. Galaxy is frightened of Pepsi and he will not leave him alone. It looks like bullying to me. Do you think if I got him neutered it would make any difference? I just feel so sorry for the poor little mite. What on earth shall I do? I do not want to separate them.

Q Our vet says: It is difficult when our pets do not get on as well as we would like them to. Sometimes it is best just to accept the way things are and go ahead and separate them. Neutering may help but there is no guarantee and it is likely that your dominant guinea pig will always remain the boss.

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