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Guinea pig fits

Species: guinea pig | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 22 October 2007 03:25PM | viewed 13137 times
Q Renate asks:

My guinea pig is acting strange. I've only had him around a week and he's running as if spooked but then shaking his head as if to get something off it... he does it a lot now and never did it before... That doesn't sound like a great description. Ermmm.. just looks like something annoys its ears or head and it tries to get away from it but can't so it jumps and runs about.

Q Our vet says: It sounds as if your guinea pig has some sort of discomfort around his head. This could really involve anything in that area including the mouth, ears, eyes, skin etc- it is really impossible to say exactly what is going on without actually being able to see him. If it has not calmed down by the time you receive this reply I would suggest you call your vet to get him checked and examined.

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