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possible kidney sludge

Species: guinea pig | Category: other | Submitted: 5 April 2007 04:04PM | viewed 6422 times
Q Laura asks:

I found a white runny liquid with 2 harder pieces in it (looked like a small piece of apple) it had no smell in Zoey's cage. I was reading about kidney sludge and thought this might be that but I'm not sure. Zoey is eating normal going to the washroom as normal (except the size of his poop is a bit smaller, still hard) playing normal, squeaking, jumping. Should I just watch to see if I notice anymore of that stuff or should I go to the vet?

Q Our vet says: Without seeing the white runny liquid it is impossible to say exactly what it may be, but there is a possibility that it may be pus or other infected material. I would advise you to seek veterinary attention for Zoey so that you can be sure there is not a problem. If you can take any of the unusual liquid with you that may help your vet to determine what it could be.

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