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Going Bald

Species: hamster | Category: general | Submitted: 16 April 2007 07:16PM | viewed 11908 times
Q Cherry asks:

Rolo, my 2 yr old hamster has a bald patch under his chin which seems to be getting worse... hard to tell! I had been renovating my house and there's been lots of dust although I moved Rolo to my neighbours for the worst of it, it could have irritated him but his skin is pink and normal looking. I also tried flea powder just in case (would I even notice if he has a mite problem?), I don't know if maybe it's normal for his age... should I do anything about it??? He still seems his old self and seems in good spirits! Would appreciate some advice! Many thanks.

Q Our vet says: Mites can be a problem for hamsters especially if they are stressed. It could also be some type of abrasion- could he be rubbing his chin against something perhaps as he feeds? Any problem in a 2 yr old hamster needs to be taken seriously so I suggest a check with your local vet.

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