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lower lip swollen

Species: hamster | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 10 March 2007 08:12AM | viewed 24138 times
Q Nicola asks:

Vet clipped his teeth 2 days ago. His lower lip is still very swollen and his lower gums are purple. His lower jaw seems to be protruding. Is he in pain and is there anything we can do? He is feeding/drinking - we have apple twigs and just given him warmed milk/bread which he enjoyed.

Q Our vet says: It sounds as if he might be in discomfort so it would be worth taking him back to your vet who will be able to give any pain relief which may be necessary. (Of course he may be OK without- but your vet should make this assessment) It sounds as if you are taking good care of him and there is little else that you would be able to do regarding home care really.

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