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Hamster is losing weight

Species: hamster | Category: petcare | Submitted: 6 May 2009 08:51PM | viewed 10074 times
Q Kayleigh asks about Zoe (hamster - not known, N) :

We have had Zoe for 3 years now and on two occasions it has looked as though she was going to die. We found her slumped in a corner of her cage but after giving her plenty of cuddles and water she has sort of come back to life. She still eats and drinks, although not as much as she used to. But she sleeps a lot now and is getting really thin. The vet just said there was nothing he could do and that he didn't think she was in pain. Is this true?

Q Our vet says: I am sure your vet will be right. Sadly hamsters do not live very long and to get to three years old yours has done really well. If she were a human she would probably be over 100 by now! The main thing is to keep your hamster warm and comfortable and give her lots of love, which it certainly sounds like you are already doing.

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