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back end pain

Category: general | Submitted: 6 June 2007 06:59PM | viewed 8344 times
Q Al asks:

My 10 yr. old stonezu seemed very off one day. The next day he was yelping when you picked him up or put him down. I brought him to the vet and they checked him all over. An X-ray showed no constipation or arthritis. They squeezed his anal glands and thought there may be an infection there. They gave him a shot of steroids, pain reliever and some antibiotic pills. He seemed fine for a few days. Now today his back end is shaking while he stands or sits. He will not stand on his hind legs or jump up on anything (couch or even his bed) I am going to bring him in again but would love a 2nd opinion. Thx Alan

Q Our vet says: I am sorry to hear that he seems so uncomfortable. As I am sure you will understand it is impossible to offer a second opinion without being able to examine him. These signs could be caused by an anal gland infection and your vet will certainly want to help him further. One of the most important things to remember when things do not immediately seem to get better is that it is extremely important to keep communicating with your vet about the problem. Sometimes it just takes a phone call to put your mind at ease, but in some cases things may be more complicated and need longer ongoing investigations and/or treatment. Keep talking to your own vet about this but if at any stage you feel that you would like a second opinion talk to them about this too- vets are often happy to ask a colleague's advice regarding their cases- and all vets want to do what is best for your animals.

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