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bad wind

Category: general | Submitted: 9 August 2014 05:20PM | viewed 178205 times
Q Roger asks:

Hi. my dog has realy bad wind bad enough to down a rhino at 50ft he had pancreatitis in March of this year can you suggest any thing I can do to help him with this problem he is abt 7years old thank you. R

Q Our vet says: If he is unwell you should of course go to your vets.
Sometimes flatulence can be helped with charcoal biscuits which are available for dogs.
Diet is important for dogs with a history of pancreatitis and you may already be feeding a low fat diet.
Watch out for diarrhoea or loose faeces which could indicate a course for concern. You should also monitor your dog for excessive drinking and urinating. If any of these problems occur do not delay in taking your dog back to your vet.

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