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blood in urine

Category: general | Submitted: 2 February 2014 11:51AM | viewed 201418 times
Q Wendy asks:

my 10 yr old male working collie is passing blood in his urine

Q Our vet says: This is a problem which certainly warrants a trip to your local practice to get your dog checked. A sign such as this is often a urinary tract infection, but it could indicate other things such as a tumour, a problem with the prostate or a bleeding disorder.
It would be sensible to take a urine sample along with you when you go to the vets just in case they need to test it. Also it may be wise to not feed your dog any breakfast, since tests such as x-rays or blood samples could possibly be required if anything more serious than a simple urinary infection is suspected. Do not worry too much at this stage...but please do get it checked.

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