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broken tooth on dog

Category: general | Submitted: 21 October 2007 09:54PM | viewed 6560 times
Q Shannon asks:

My almost 5 month old rottie x bullmastiff broke a tooth behind his canine, but in front of his molars. I'm pretty sure it's an adult tooth. It bled a little bit, but it hasn't seemed to bother him at all. What should I do about this?

Q Our vet says: Broken teeth can be a problem since there is a chance that infection can get into the crack or break and potentially cause an abscess. Sometimes dogs can be remarkably stoic about pain too, and your dog may have considerable discomfort but is not letting on. If the break or chip is only very minor and does not involve the pulp cavity (the living part of the tooth) then it may be possible just to leave it as it is, but the fact that there was some bleeding at the time suggests that it is definitely worth checking with your vet. If the fracture or break is serious enough then it may be necessary to remove the tooth and this would be done under general anaesthetic- however if this is the case prompt treatment now will potentially save you a lot more extensive treatment later should an abscess form. It is sometimes possible for vets to perform procedures such as fillings for dogs, but this can be expensive and may not always be successful.

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