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Cat Breaking Window Blinds

Category: general | Submitted: 16 September 2007 01:34AM | viewed 4982 times
Q MrWhiskers asks:

Please help. My one and a half year old cat likes to get in each of my window sill blinds to look outside and such, and at first it was okay until he started breaking the blinds whenever he gets in them. I'm kind of on a low budget. What are some home-remedies or things that I maybe can do to make sure he doesn't get back in the window. I've tried the water bottle trick, the aluminum foil trick, the lemon juice trick but it doesn't work. He will sneak around whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I would see him sneak in the window sill blinds again.

Q Our vet says: It is a bit of a difficult problem to solve. Could your cat be confined to an area where there are no blinds to break? Can you provide different kinds of stimulation which would be more interesting than looking out of the window? Is it possible to let your cat out during the day to explore and exercise? Could any of the blinds be left up so that the cat does not need to get past them? Would curtains be a possible option rather than blinds?
I think the basic problem here is that you have a very young cat, no doubt with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. Being confined to the house is difficult for these young creatures because they naturally want to get out, explore and hunt- it is their basic nature to do such things. When we confine them as pets it can be difficult because sometimes their natural urges conflict with out own interests- however much we love them.
I would recommend allowing your cat to explore as much as possible outside during the day (if this is an option for you), play with your cat and provide interesting and stimulating games during the evening, before you want to go to bed, (allow a calm down time before you need to go to bed) and then perhaps consider confining your cat to an area where quiet toys can be played with, hidden food could be hunted and one window could be looked out of during the night without disturbing you or breaking things!
Good luck.

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